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K10yoga kristen williamsKristen Williams, ERYT500
Owner/Director of K10Yoga, RYS500


Kristen’s yoga journey began in 2000 with what we all just saw as a lark. Her family had some extra stones laying around and decided to build a labyrinth based on visions her papa, Chris, had from hitch hiking across Europe. Originally thinking it was a little odd, she now see her own path written in the path of the labyrinth. The labyrinth introduced her to years of study on the ways of the world, energy work, European architecture, Knights Templar, and finally to Yoga…


After joining a yoga class in 2007 to ‘stretch’ while training for a half marathon Kristen fell in love. Yoga has since become her life. Joining ‘Yoga for You’ in Morehead City, NC as her home studio she quickly realized the more you know, the more you don’t know, but you are hungry for more! Kristen completed her 200 YTT in April of 2011 under the direction of Valerie Baltzer E-RYT500. After receiving a scholarship from Transcending Yoga to attend Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling in July 2011 she knew exactly what she wanted to do and her world shifted even more.


“Travel the world, do yoga and remind the world to smile” 


Inspired, Kristen joined the OTM Seva Challenge, raising money for earthquake relief in Haiti. Using her skills as an event planner she launched a list of fundraisers from donation classes and yogathons to golf tournaments successfully raising funds and awareness in the community. Co-collaborating with Valerie Baltzer they facilitated OTMs “Yoga in Action” program along with “Circles for Change” bringing this great program and inspiration to others in the community.


In March 2012 Kristen completed her 300 Hour YTT with Valerie and flew the nest, leaving her full time job behind and sauntering to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia… Later to Belize, and Canada to teach yoga classes, take yoga classes, for yoga retreats, to explore cultures and simply to see the vast beauty of this place we call earth.


In 2014 Kristen joined the OTM crew again for Beyond Duality: A lesson in yoga and Social Justice. What a treat to hear from Nikki Myers, Hala Khouri, and others on what are generally touchy subjects. Additionally opportunities arose to trek through South East Asia, to The Great Wall of China, and to Bermuda.


2015 presented itself in a way Kristen was not prepared for, a lot of questions such as “where to go from here”… since reaching the goal of now being an ERYT500 instructor Kristen accepted a position as lead instructor for a 200 Hour YTT and later an advanced YTT. Continuing her travels of the world, India manifested itself and did not disappoint. Sitting along the Ganges participating in a traditional Arti after dinner with the brothers at a local seminary Kristen was reminded, once again, that she was living on purpose. Returning state side Kristen decided it was time to open her own Yoga School and thus K10Yoga, RYS was born. Now offering Yoga Teacher Training programs at the 200 hour and 300 hour advanced levels to students in Winston Salem, NC and in Phoenix, AZ which has been an incredible blessing.


Of course, training never ceases for those now walking the path. In 2016, post teacher training Kristen was able to travel back to Thailand with a few of her previous YTT students, sharing her love for yoga and adventure and adding to that purpose set back in 2011. As Kristen continues her education she finds herself diving deeper into the works of Nikki Myers and bring yoga and the 12 step program. Additionally she is a facilitator for The Embody Love Movement, empowering girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world.

When Kristen is not traveling she finds herself either in Gilbert, AZ or in Winston Salem, NC where she is the Yoga, Barre and Pilates Program Manager at the YWCA. Kristen continues to teach classes and is always planning the next trip! Kristen is an ambassador for Off the Mat, Into the World, Y12SR, Yoga & Body Image Coalition, The Embody Love Movement and  Jade Yoga Mats her Harmony mat travels with her everywhere! In early 2017 K10Yoga Stream: An Online Yoga Community was born offering yoga classes to everyone from their home. Kristen is an affiliate for Namastream if you find yourself wanting to open your own online community, she can help!


Email K10yogas@gmail.com for information
about yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, yoga retreats and to learn more about Kristen Williams, RYT


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