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Greetings from Thailand!

Greetings from Thailand! Greetings from Thailand!! What a beautiful country and a great opportunity to live my dream. About 5 years ago I made a decision to leave the 9-5 world and to pursue my dream of traveling and doing yoga, thus K10Yoga was born. Explore....

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The Climb

The Climb Everyday we are faced with "the climb" something that challenges us. Whether it is something such as dropping a grocery bag and the oranges spill across the floor, or taking a yoga class and holding a pose for longer than you want to, maybe hiking...

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yoga nursing event

Expanding Consciousness in Health Care

  The Yoga Nurse is coming to Winston Salem, NC!   Earn 10 CEUs Or CNEs – ANCC ACCREDITED PROGRAM In this workshop you will LEARN a gentle, proven Tx plan to transform stress, anxiety, pain and suffering into peace, health and wisdom– for both nurse and patient.   Get EDUCATION +...

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