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Yoga & Cross Training

Yoga Meets Cross Training: Just do it. End of Story! I admittedly have never been the biggest fan of "exercise", so yoga and cross training only sounded okay. When told to pick a sport when I was younger, it was swimming I chose because it was...

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vegan paleo

Vegan Paleo Dishes you HAVE to Try!

5 Vegan Paleo Dishes you HAVE to try! These 5 vegan paleo dishes are great combinations for the vegan and carnivore living under the same roof! Its like a combination of vegan and paleo, lets call it Pegan! These are dairy free, gluten free and filled...

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overnight oats

Embody Love Week: Heart Healthy Breakfast

Heart Healthy Breakfast Adventure! Choose Your Adventure Heart Healthy Breakfast (gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free option) Hello all! Danielle here from Healthy Simply Yum and today I'm sharing with you not one, but two! heart healthy breakfast recipes featuring my favorite morning whole grain: oats! Oats are the perfect whole...

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Embody Love Week: Kettlebell Circuit

Full Body Heart Pumping Kettlebell Circuit Today we have a Heart Pumping Kettlebell Circuit to help you continue celebrating Embody Love week! This kettlebell circuit combines cardio and strength training for a total body workout! Feel good knowing you are taking steps to improve your health and...

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heart yoga

Embody Love Week: A Heart Opener

A Heart Opening Yoga Series Day two of Embody Love Week brings you a heart opening yoga series! This is brought to you with intentions of stepping out of the hen house and letting your gift, your excitement, your hearts desires to shine. I begin with...

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embody love

Embody Love Week: A Mantra to Start

Welcome to Embody Love Week!! Embody Love Week has been inspired by Go Red, a nationally recognized event to bring awareness to heart health. Healthy Simply Yum and K10Yoga decided to add a little spin to Go Red and embrace heart health as a lifestyle that...

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k10yoga stream

Online Yoga Studio

K10Yoga Stream: An Online Yoga and Wellness Studio If you have been looking for an online yoga and wellness studio, K10Yoga can help! We are in the pre-launch stages now and there are more and more things being added as we speak! Here is how it...

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yoga teacher

To my First Yoga Teachers

An Open Letter to my First Yoga Teachers My Dearest Yoga Teachers! I came to your class not having a clue what to expect. You made me feel welcome but not overwhelmingly "new". You let me sit in the back corner of the room so I could...

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