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Where Do I Find Inspiration?

My top picks when I need a little Inspiration! I'm at this place right now where I need a little inspiration. So I hop over to my favorite places to get my head back in the right place, to remember my purpose and authenticity. And most...

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vegan alfredo

Vegan Pasta Alfredo

The Vegan Pasta Alfredo You Have Been Looking For!! This vegan pasta alfredo is hands down one of the best I have ever had! It is filling, can be made gluten free and you can add what ever veggies you want to it! Not to mention,...

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aerial yoga winston salem

Aerial Yoga in Winston Salem!

Winston Salem, Aerial Yoga has arrived!! The rumors are true, Aerial Yoga is coming to Winston Salem and the Gateway YWCA will be its host! You may have seen pictures, a few videos or heard people talking about it and you may ask, what is it...

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standing rock

K10Yoga & OSL at Standing Rock

Around the World to Standing Rock Many of you know the connections that K10Yoga has with Odinstone Labyrinth as a tool for bringing peace and goodwill into the world. If not, in a nutshell as K10Yoga travels, a peace orb goes along too, spreading the message of...

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A Vegan Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, a Vegan one! Happy Thanksgiving week!! What a fun holiday for the vegans in the house, with multiple buttery, baconey, meat filled, milky things for you to choose from for your family meal! I hope that with this resource you can share a dairy free,...

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