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yin yoga

Yin Yoga 101

Yin Yoga 101: What is Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga is offered in a variety of studios across the board, but what is this Yin Yoga practice? Why would you want to attend a class and how can it benefit you? Well, welcome to Yin Yoga 101...

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Thanksgiving: Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Vegan Pumpkin Pie, Yes! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and my family showing up with Pumpkin Pie, I decided it was time to meddle with making a vegan version. After the store bought version advertised "buttery crust" but looking delish, the time was now! A...

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refuge recovery

K10Yoga Outreach: Refuge Recovery

K10Yoga Outreach Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction K10Yoga Outreach is happy to share the brilliance behind Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist approach to recovery. Classes are available across the nation from its home town of Los Angeles, to Phoenix and even a small town...

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Give Back Yoga

Give Back Yoga This November Give Back Yoga Foundation supports and funds certified yoga teachers of all traditions to bring yoga and mindfulness techniques to underserved and under-resourced segments of the community. Join us in sharing the transformational power of yoga with the world, one person...

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kids yoga

Yoga for Kids in Winston Salem

Yoga for Kids in Winston Salem! Did you know that there are some great opportunities to integrate yoga for kids in Winston Salem? As school has started back, students are getting into a weekly routine, why not add yoga to the mix!? Yoga is great for...

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peace salad

National Yoga Month: Autumn Equinox Peace Salad

National Yoga Month: Autumn Equinox Peace Salad Happy Fall everyone! Today marks the fall equinox, meaning that autumn is just around the corner, in addition today it International Peace Day! What better way to celebrate yoga, the equinox and peace, than with this ohm-azing salad brought to...

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national yoga month tea

National Yoga Month: Tea and Yoga

National Yoga Month: Tea and Yoga National Yoga Month: Tea and Yoga, what a pair! What I love about tea is the ritual and the end result after the steep. Like tea, yoga requires a “steep” time as well. We must go through the ritual of...

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recovery run

5K Mindful Recovery Run

Mindful Recovery 5K Run Mindful Recovery 5K Run. On October 15 humans will come together across the world to embark on a journey of consciousness and awareness towards regaining control of their health and strength! On October 15, we are running for recovery! Help support offering...

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