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Reclaiming Your Power

Reclaiming Your Power: Resilience Reclaiming your power sounds easier said than done, but with resilience and an added dash of yoga, you can do it. Let me share a little story on reclaiming your power, on resilience. For the last 11 years I have had the pleasure of...

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A Vegan 4th of July

A Vegan 4th of July As everyone seems to be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers with mayo based slaw and potato salad, this vegan decided to do things a little differently. Coming off a 7 week trip around Europe where hunger got the best of me...

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Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle

Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle Travel has its moments that take your breath away and the moments that you must remind yourself  of Ultrea, a term used along the Camino as a reminder to keep pushing forward, one foot in front of the other. Yesterday we began...

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