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self study

Yoga Self Care Day 9: Self Study

Yoga Self Study Day 9 Self Study Self Study is the topic for day 9 of the yoga self study. This is about stepping back and taking a look at what your authentic self looks like. Suffering normally generates when we forget who we are, who is...

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self care fire

Yoga Self Care Day 8: Fire

Day 8 Yoga Self Care Fire, Tapas, Burn Day 8 of yoga self care is fire. The fire happening around us. Just like in day 7 where we ebb and flow when life throws us lemons, can we also stand in the fire of the unexplained, of...

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clean out and purify

Yoga Self Care Day 6: Purity

Day 6 of Yoga Self Care Clean out and Purify   Today we clean out and purify, it's day 6 of our yoga based self care. How pure are your thoughts, your actions, your intentions? As we begin to clean out and purify the clutter of distraction we...

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