Panama City, Panama To be honest, I thought Panama was going to be a little scary. Everyone is warning us to be careful, watch your back, always be alert and so on. Thanks for putting that fear into existence. The fact is, Panama is amazing, the...

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costa rica

Costa Rica

K10Travels: Costa Rica A few months ago Brandon and I decided to check out Costa Rica. I've heard of it as a great place for coffee, chocolate, surfing and as a mecca for yoga and yoga retreats where those jungles meet the sea. This will be a...

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standing rock

K10Yoga & OSL at Standing Rock

Around the World to Standing Rock Many of you know the connections that K10Yoga has with Odinstone Labyrinth as a tool for bringing peace and goodwill into the world. If not, in a nutshell as K10Yoga travels, a peace orb goes along too, spreading the message of...

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Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle

Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle Travel has its moments that take your breath away and the moments that you must remind yourself  of Ultrea, a term used along the Camino as a reminder to keep pushing forward, one foot in front of the other. Yesterday we began...

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odinstone labyrinth peace

Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace

Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace A fresh batch of Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace have been super charged at the mothership and are ready to be distributed out into the world to harmonize with their other brother and sister seeds! Odinstone Labyrinth is the mothership of labyrinths...

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coastal yoga fest

Coastal Yoga Fest!

Coastal Yoga Fest: May 6-8, 2016 The 1st Annual Coastal Yoga Fest in Morehead City, NC is May 6-8, 2016 and yours truly is teaching the opening night!! Come and see me at Uptown Yoga in Morehead City, NC for a Funky Flow class Friday, May...

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Greetings from Thailand

Greetings from Thailand!

Greetings from Thailand! Greetings from Thailand!! What a beautiful country and a great opportunity to live my dream. About 5 years ago I made a decision to leave the 9-5 world and to pursue my dream of traveling and doing yoga, thus K10Yoga was born. Explore....

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