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Costa Rica

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costa ricaA few months ago Brandon¬†and I decided to check out Costa Rica. I’ve heard of it as a great place for coffee, chocolate, surfing and as a mecca for yoga and yoga retreats where those jungles meet the sea. This will be a working holiday to check out this delicious country and all it has to offer. First stop, Playa Grande, on the Pacific coast, just north of a town called Tamarindo. We flew into Liberia and rented a car, pretty cheap until you get hit with the $250 mandatory insurance that the Country has set. Got our car and off we went! Arriving in Playa Grande at night, the streets are dirt and you’ve got to watch for pot holes. We laughed as we passed the local mart, Wil Mart! This trip we stayed at Hotel Catarana, a perfect little bungalow not far from the beach. Days drifted by in the laid back community… some of the best sunsets I have seen, setting perfectly on the horizon and making the best reflections and colors on the sea. We spent some time in the mangroves, watching howler monkeys, zip lining and touring the Arenal volcano, but every night we watched the beautiful orange ball dip down into the firey sea, just to return again the next day and shed light on more adventures.¬†This is a great place for a yoga retreat, I thought to myself.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves back in Costa Rica, yes we enjoyed it that much! This time we flew into the Capital city, San Jose and rented a car (prepared for the insurance fee) and took off to Playa Hermosa, just a hop south from Jaco. We stayed at a great place, Hotel Tramonto with a great balcony overlooking the sea where I could film quite a number of videos for K10Yoga at Home! The sunsets here were pretty spectacular as well. Jaco was a nice little spot, once you get used to it and had a chai tea latte with almond milk that satisfied my american habits. After a few days we went farther south to Paritta, this place had a weird feel to me, I think it was something about the voltures walking around everywhere, just put a black cloud over everything. Here we had a nice little condo we rented with monkeys that came through the back yard every other morning and afternoon. I’m still curious where they went on the off days! They would run by the tree and grab fruit off of it. What we later came to realize was that it was a cashew tree and they were grabbing the cashew fruit. We tried the fruit, tastes kinda like an apple with the same texture and tannin feel. From this area we ventured a little farther south to Manuel Antonio, a beautiful place with white sand beaches, palm trees, and lots of people! But, they had sloths and I saw my first one, it was great! We did a tour through the park with a guide who would show you all kinda of wildlife from lizards and frogs to monkeys and sloths. When we reached the trails end, theres a beautiful peoply beach and tons of monkeys. It was so funny how many there were and how everyone, myself included, wanted to take a picture of every single one! This was where I left B as I had to go home for 2 weeks. He would eventually move from Paritta to Atenas where I would come back.

Coming into San Jose again, Brandon met me at the airport after having a stomach bug, ick! We stayed at a great little organic farm/hotel in Atenas. There were two other girls there from New York, they had served as good friends to Brandon while he was sick and on adventures. There was also a couple from Canada and an older adult couple from Indiana. We enjoyed their company over delicious breakfast at the hotel before heading over to the Caribbean side. Our destination was Puerto Vieja, what we didn’t take into account was the fact it was Easter Weekend when we were going. All the locals go to these beaches for the holiday so it was definitely busy! About the time we arrived, is about the time I caught whatever bug B had… we sat in our room for a whole day and watched Prison Break on Netflix, I felt some kinda crummy! We tried to go to the Jaguar Conservatory but I got sick so we went back and started in on Netflix again. Feeling better the next day we took it easy but made it to see the baby sloths at the Jaguar place! We moved hotels to one called Cameleon, everything was white and every day they would switch out accent pieces, throw pillows, towels etc with a new bright color like red, orange, blue or yellow! This place was really nice and even prompted to wear a little sun dress for dinner one night!

From here we had decided to take a trip to Panama, I mean its just south from where we were. From San Jose we booked a flight and were on our way to what would end up being an adventure of much much more than just Panama. Our flight left on April 20, 2017 with new matching shoes from the San Jose mall! I’m excited to say I’ll be back to Costa Rica in November for a K10Yoga + Gratitude Retreat!!

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