K10Yoga in the News + February Updates

K10Yoga and the CoOp in the News + February Updates

In case you missed it, K10Yoga CoOp was recently in the news! The Winston Salem Journal did an incredible write up on our community yoga studio right here in Winston Salem and I am so grateful! Find the full article here.

There are so many things coming up in February at K10Yoga CoOp, lets take a look:

Yoga Teacher Training: We have just started our Spring Semester with 12 beautiful and diverse souls all embarking on this journey! I’m happy to announce we will be offering an Intensive in April and May, you asked for it, so here it is! Registration is OPEN until March 19th. Additionally, our traditional Fall Semester dates have been set and will begin in August.

K10Yoga Teacher Training is for every body, we will explore the traditions of yoga along with different modalities and styles of yoga that are popping up. Your job as a yoga teacher trainee is to find your niche, discover what you love and what you don’t love and pursue that! I had a graduate last year who wanted to offer classes in her native language, this brings me to my next exciting announcement…

Yoga Classes in Spanish: This is incredible exciting and opens the benefits of yoga to a part of our community that is not always served. This class will meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm at K10Yoga CoOp and will be taught in Spanish! We have created a group specifically for those who are interested in following and getting involved in this community. Join Winston Salem Yoga en Español on Facebook. These classes in Spanish are just $10 each or 6 for $50.

Berenice will be teaching this class, she recently graduated from K10Yoga Teacher Training. Since then she has created this class, the community group and will be teaching chair yoga classes in Spanish as part of a clinical trial on the benefits of yoga with Wake Forest Medical.

Yoga for the Veterans and First Responders Community: This class started recently and is growing more and more. This is a donation based class open to veterans, first responders and their friends and family. This is an inclusive class taught by Elisabeth Parker on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am, she has done a lot of work with this community and is committed to sharing her experience with you! Join her or spread the word to your loved ones on the benefits that yoga has on the mental and physical body of veterans and first responders.

AcroYoga Workshop: Kristen is filling her schedule with neat workshops and activities for her Yoga Teacher Trainees, and she is opening this one up to the public! She has partnered with Ryan Price, also a K10Yoga School graduate, to create an introductory and fun workshop around AcroYoga. We see the pictures all over social media and it can look intimidating! In this workshop they will aim to dismantle the fear and step into the joy, excitement and effects of gravity! Find the event on social media and email Kristen ASAP if you want to join the fun!

Ryan also teaches TWO other classes at the CoOp:

  • Tuesday VinYin Yoga at 12:15pm
  • Wednesday Mornings with Ryan at 8:30am

Yoga with Kristen: Thats me! Join me for two really exciting classes in February!

  • Monday, February 12 at 6:00pm: Restorative Yin Yoga. A class for everybody, slow and steady, dipping into the deeper parts of your mind, breath and body.
  • Monday, February 19 at 6:00pm: Intentional Yoga Flow. This class will ask you to embody your passion and intentionally move through whatever holds you back from that passion, giving yourself permission to experience, experience, and embrace the path ahead with confidence, strength and courage to live free!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Events for Registration details

Welcome Jessica! Jessica is a K10Yoga School graduate with about a year of experience under her belt now. She is stepping up to teach on Mondays when I’m not in town so you always have a Monday 6:00pm class to attend at the CoOp!! Join her for some amazing movement and connection to breath and body. As always classes are $10 and are inclusive to every body.

  • Monday, February 5 at 6:00pm
  • Monday, February 26 at 6:00pm

Keep an eye on our Facebook Events for Registration details

Kids Yoga at the CoOp: Suzanne and Stacie are always planning something amazing for our little yogis! Make sure you are following the CoOp on Facebook and that you are a part of the Winston Salem Yoga Kids Club group where we post all of our pop-up kids yoga classes! We also inquire with YOU to see what works best for you as working mamas, papas, and caregivers so that we can better serve you and the kiddos!

Yoga and Body Image: Look for a VERY special workshop coming in March that not only embodies the Embody Love Movement, but also concepts from Yoga Body Image Coalition! Additionally, Facilitator Training for ELM is coming later this spring if you want to offer this amazing work to your small groups! Plus, a number of other things in the works… hint hint: Kids Club Series, Inclusive Group for Women of the Triad, other Special Guests!

Side Note: There is an amazing designer in town who is making eye pillows for the studio! Half will have lavender in them, half without. She is also working on a prototype for bolster covers! Keep an eye out for these additions to our space and know that she can take private orders if you want anything for your home studio!