A Shift in Season with K10Yoga

A Shift in Season with K10Yoga

A Shift in Season with K10Yoga

The season is shifting, welcome winter with yoga in Winston Salem, NC. K10Yoga is often paired with the phrase, “explore. dream. discover.” this comes from a quote by Mark Twain and as we move into 2018, I encourage you to do just that!

Explore: Who you are, where you come from, why you act or speak the way you do, if you are not defined by your thoughts, where do they come from?

Dream: If failure was not an option, what would you do? How do you want to feel? What do you want to manifest in your life?

Discover: By exploring the old, dreaming the new, you discover what you have in the here and now. Take what you have discovered and do what needs to be done to move in the direction of your dreams.

While everyone is making New Year Resolutions, I invite you to first reflect on what has been placed along your path that has brought you to today. Envision where you will be next year, but lets add a spin, envision how you want to feel throughout this year in order to be where you want to be. Danielle LaPorte is a great resource for this work, build goals around how you want to feel and all the ‘things’ come in to play. Now, lets discover how organic things come together!

With the hustle and bustle of outside forces trying to tell us how to feel, what to do, how to act, what to wear and even how to do yoga, give yourself the gift of your yoga! There are some really amazing things that have happened this year, and are on the list to happen in 2018.

I must quickly recap 2017 by saying that K10Yoga School graduated 20 new Yoga Teachers into the world and funded 13 kids to have a years worth of yoga in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m so proud of all the alumni and their contribution to the yoga community, we are truly offering yoga in an accessible way to everyone, including with the new CoOp!

K10Yoga CoOp was born as a place for recent grads to be able to share their yoga. We were able to offer Embody Love Workshops and a Facilitator Training, putting more feet on the ground and souls into the world to share the work with women and girls in the community. If you aren’t familiar with the Embody Love Movement, it is a workshop format for girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness and contribute to meaningful change in the world. As the CoOp has continued to grow we have added Kids Yoga and Yoga for the Veterans Community to the schedule and are excited to add Yoga in Spanish in 2018. We have accompanied a facebook group specifically for Winston Salem Kids Yoga and Winston Salem en Espanol for anyone in the community to add their classes to. Feel free to join those groups and the original Winston Salem Yoga Kula

What is growing for 2018

Yoga Teacher Training: We start a 200hr program in January and are already almost at max capacity for this training. As always we will offer a Spring and a Fall Semester so if you aren’t quite ready to jump in now, keep an eye out for August dates (300hr Advanced Training too) coming soon! If you want to join this January, registration is open and can be accessed from www.k10yoga.com┬áThere are a LOT of perks to K10Yoga Teacher Training, you receive complimentary classes with Kristen at the CoOp, a reduced price for K10Yoga Steam: An Online Yoga Studio where you can access classes from your tv, table or phone. You receive $10 off massage at Jasper & Fern. Not to mention continued support of this great community, Yoga Dogz, The Breathing Room, Paz, and Village Yoga all offer discounts on their classes if you are enrolled. Ease and 18 Springs have some great workshops and classes that are available for you as well.

Yoga for Kids: Suzanne, and Stacie have been offering some super fun kids yoga classes and will continue into 2018!

Yoga for the Veterans Community: Elisabeth Parker has been the visionary behind Yoga for the Veterans Community. They meet Tuesdays at 9:30am at K10Yoga CoOp. Class is open to anyone and everyone, veterans, first responders and their friends, family and colleagues. A donation based class.

Yoga en Espanol: We are building the Spanish speaking yoga community and hope to offer classes sooner rather than later. There are some great things in the works here and we are excited to see how it organically unfolds.

Lunch Classes with Ryan: VinYin is such a great way to break up the day. Spend an hour with Ryan as we takes you through a Vinyasa flow followed by slow and steady Yin. Head back out into the world relaxed and ready for whatever is out there! Tuesdays 12:15pm

Yoga with Kristen: Join me in January for a few fun flow classes to shake up the doldrums that can sometimes accompany the heart of winter. Keep an eye on the CoOp Facebook page for the event listings!

Outreach: K10Yoga Outreach is growing! Yoga for Women, Yoga for Recovery, Yoga for the Community, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga Abroad and more… If you have any classes to submit that you know are happening, please feel free. This page is live, but is continually being updated throughout the year. Bookmark it!

I can’t wait to see how the new year continues to unfold, I hope you will explore, dream and discover with us!

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