Sukatha of a Winston Salem Yoga Teacher Training: Ana

Sukatha of a Winston Salem Yoga Teacher Training: Ana

सुकथा Sukatha of a Winston Salem Yoga Teacher Training: Ana

Sukatha means beautiful story, meet Ana, a recent graduate of Yoga Teacher Training in Winston Salem, this is her Sukatha!


winston salem yoga teacher training anaI had heard of yoga before and I had read about in various magazines about its benefits but I only started practicing it though YouTube videos on the September of 2014. There aren’t many yoga studios in Pristina so when I head of one that was close to where I live, I started taking regular yoga classes and continues at home with different online sessions. I read a lot about the benefits derived from each pose, started perfecting my poses step by step and got hooked on those ‘magical movements’ that brought serenity to my body and mind. No matter how my day went, my yoga sessions would become the ‘dessert’ after a long and tiresome day or a rather relaxed one.

On December 2015 while I was searching for yoga studios in Winston Salem, I came across K10Yoga (200 YTT). I was like hmm. I had never imagined myself as a yoga instructor. I thought about it for a while and then decided even if I wouldn’t open a yoga studio in the end I would do it for me. I would learn about the philosophy, the history, the poses and anatomy behind it, so I write an email to Kristen. I had written just i time to get the last free spot in the class, so I booked my flight ticket to the US spending the next four months focusing only on yoga.

The classes started on January 2016 where I met 10 other amazing people with whom, except for yoga classes, I got to share different experiences. During out practice we started using out voice, explaining the poses, being the first time I had done a session where I got to instruct others. Afterwards, I got to plan my own yoga session which I had to present to the class. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided I had to do something and share this amazing experience that Yoga brings.

In every session I have nowadays, I think of Kristen’s words: “just be yourself”

At the moment, I am in Kosovo, where I have opened a yoga studio called Ana Yoga. The classes are even better than I have imagines. What I like even more, is that people in Kosovo are becoming more aware and better informed of the benefits of Yoga and the demand for yoga classes is growing. Yoga reminds me of a lot of things in my everyday life. Focusing on the good things, sometimes finding something good in bad situations. Different yoga poses teach me of endurance. The balance reminds me that after focusing on the good things you have to remember to keep a balance. Meditation reminds me to be thankful of the things I have in life. Savasana reminds me to spend time with myself.

Finally, I don’t know if its the fact that I am on my 30’s or Yoga (probably the latter one) but the last two years have had an enormous amount of energy and motivation in work and pursing my own ambitions. For me, YTT is the best thing I have done these last few years and I am very thankful of Kristen for always being ready to help and share her vast knowledge of yoga.



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