Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Rosemary

Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Rosemary

सुकथा Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Rosemary

Sukatha means beautiful story, meet Rosemary, a recent Yoga Teacher Trainee, this is her sukatha!

rosemaryI’m not really doing anything with my certification right now except practicing three days a week – and of course doing these crazy things like Wanderlust and Yoga on the Mountain! I am crazy to let my fellow trainees talk me into this stuff, but I love it. I started taking Bikram Yoga classes 2-3 times a week about 8 years ago. I only did that for about 2 years then had to stop because my work hours changed and I couldn’t meet the schedule. I didn’t get back into it until February of last year when I started taking hot yoga with Kristen and Courtney at the YWCA in Winston Salem. I decided to join the yoga teacher training program in the Fall of 2015. I wanted to see what it was all about, learn more about yoga and more about myself. I was able to connect with everyone in the training, we built a community with each other that runs deep. We may not see each every day, but I still feel connected with each and every person from the training. We experienced a deep connection in class over those 4 months. I have taught a few classes and I have plans to start offering a class each week at work to show people how to stretch during the day, when they’re stuck at their desk like I am. It may evolve into more, but it is a hostile environment, so we’ll see.



I recently traveled down to Morehead City, NC to attend the 1st Annual Coastal Yoga Fest hosted by Uptown Yoga. I
was intending on taking a few classes and connecting with other yogis in the area. Not only did I end up meeting great people on the coast, I got up for a Saturday sunrise yoga class on the beach and ended up taking 5 more classes just that day! On Sunday I took an Acu-Yoga class blending Chinese medicine with yoga by correlating acupressure points with certain yoga poses.

What a journey this has been and I am excited to see where it continues to take me!

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