Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher Training: Carolyn

Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher Training: Carolyn

सुकथा Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher Training: Carolyn

Sukatha means beautiful story, meet Carolyn, a recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, this is her sukatha!

yoga teacher trainingHow it all began:

Freshman year of college, my roommate dragged me to my first yoga class. I was suspicious and reluctant to go, and then embarrassed when I could barely bend over to touch my knees and couldn’t hold myself in plank for three seconds without viciously shaking and clumsily dropping to the floor. Side plank? Forget it. I spent most of the arduous hour sitting on my beat-up, borrowed mat, humbly watching others in awe.
For some bizarre reason, I actually had fun, laughed off how hard (actually impossible) each pose was for me, and came back for more. I wanted to open my heart to the sky in wild thing, be a rooted tree, grounded and strong, and support myself on one sturdy leg while stretching my body in opposite directions in Warrior 3.
The instructor’s words got me hooked: let go of any expectations you have of yourself; follow your breath; accept where you are; you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

I let my practice grow

Slowly, I became more comfortable in downward facing dog, feeling safe and welcome in class even when all I could do was collapse, panting and thoroughly challenged. Classes calmed me, allowing myself to deeply connect with my own body, notice my heartbeat, find my breath, and feel alive in this big, hectic world.
I especially loved how one day I eased into poses while other days my body was slow, needing more time to warm up. I learned how to respect my body (thus myself), noticing how I felt each day; what I was holding onto. Eventually, I built an easy, accepting, loving relationship with myself that is growing right now.

A time for change

Five years and many sweaty classes later, I was still practicing yoga religiously, with most of my time wrapped up in an unrewarding job, in a new city, with a lack of friends and lump of homesickness. I needed a change, and also felt the powerful necessity to take the next step in my yoga practice – which was continuously my rock in everything, but also seemed to need a revamp.
So I did what any desperate girl would do – google it! Thankfully, I found a yoga training that started in a few weeks, immediately inquired for more info, and signed up. I learned more than I thought was possible in the training, and am still overwhelmed with the plethora of knowledge to discover concerning yoga. We dug a lot deeper into the history, nutrition, anatomy, and spiritual realm of yoga than I would ever consider doing on my own. I made lifelong friends that felt like family, and truly felt like I was finally at home. Above all, I learned how to convert yoga into my everyday life without physically practicing it, (because there isn’t always time to roll out your mat for a long session!) and loved how quirky yoga lessons integrate into everyday activities.

Where I am now

Now, I am traveling the world, dabbling in different yoga studios as a student to discover (there’s so much to learn!) what I can bring back home and teach my own future yoga students. Even when time to roll out my mat (or towel) to physically practice yoga doesn’t exist, I go to sleep at night feeling like a true yogi – being kind to myself and others, mindful throughout the day, laughing off mistakes, and finding space in this chaotic, demanding world.


Thanks for reading, follow more stories of graduates, see other yoga teacher trainings, classes, workshops and other fun stuff on the K10Yoga page.

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