Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Jessica

Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Jessica

सुकथा Sukatha of a Yoga Teacher: Jessica

Meet Jessica, this is her beautiful story to and though Yoga Teacher Training!

Yoga, for me, has been a homecoming. I’ve learned that the only constant in life is change and yoga has become my field guide to navigating the ups and downs.
I began practicing Bikram in Winston-Salem around age 17 per the advice of a close friend as a means to combat the intense stress and chronic back pain I was coping with. I had been to every kind of doctor and specialist I could find, only to be told that the pain I was experiencing was “all in my head.” I knew then that if I was going to find any relief, I was on my own.
I became stronger, mentally and physically. I finally had an outlet and I began to find sanctuary within my Self.
I moved to South Florida when I was 20, looking back I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the courage to do it without the confidence I’d gained through my practice. The beauty of yoga is that the goal is the same, no matter where you practice. It’s a means for connection, to stay grounded and present and experience life in all of it’s various shapes and forms.
The unpredictability of life eventually brought me back to Winston-Salem. It felt like re-opening a wound that had already started to heal. I went back to the studio where I had first begun my practice and slowly made peace with where I was on my journey and started accepting the inevitable change once again.
I was back in a city that I didn’t have much love for but I was also able to be close to my family again, yin and yang. It’s funny how yoga shows up to teach you a lesson in daily life when you learn to look for it.
Luckily enough, my childhood best friend was just starting her Yoga Teacher Training with K10Yoga and when I saw how much had changed in and for her, I knew it was something I had to do.
I am so grateful to have met Kristen and become a part of the tribe she has cultivated, the YTT experience truly changed my life. It felt more like remembering than learning and the feeling of being able to trust your intuition is priceless.
I finished my 200hr in April of 2017 and I’ve slowly made the transition from the hospitality industry to teaching and it’s like new doors are opening everyday.


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