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reclaiming your power

Reclaiming Your Power

Reclaiming Your Power: Resilience Reclaiming your power sounds easier said than done, but with resilience and an added dash of yoga, you can do it. Let me share a little story on reclaiming your power, on resilience. For the last 11 years I have had the pleasure of...

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Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle

Ultrea: The Italian Travel Debacle Travel has its moments that take your breath away and the moments that you must remind yourself  of Ultrea, a term used along the Camino as a reminder to keep pushing forward, one foot in front of the other. Yesterday we began...

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odinstone labyrinth peace

Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace

Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace A fresh batch of Odinstone Labyrinth Seeds of Peace have been super charged at the mothership and are ready to be distributed out into the world to harmonize with their other brother and sister seeds! Odinstone Labyrinth is the mothership of labyrinths...

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green smoothie

Go Green! Easy Green Smoothie

Go Green! Easy Green Smoothie Go Green! Easy Green Smoothie!! Congratulations on taking the 5 Day Go Green to Cinco de Mayo Challenge brought to you by K10Yoga and Healthy Simply Yum!! Throughout the week feel free to make each of the recipes, take pictures of them,...

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go green

Go Green Challenge for Cinco de Mayo!

Lets Go Green for Cinco de Mayo! Every year Cinco de Mayo revolves around tacos and alcohol but this year lets take a healthier look at the festivities and go green! Here is the challenge:  Implement something healthy and green into your diet every day until Cinco de...

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self study

Yoga Self Care Day 9: Self Study

Yoga Self Study Day 9 Self Study Self Study is the topic for day 9 of the yoga self study. This is about stepping back and taking a look at what your authentic self looks like. Suffering normally generates when we forget who we are, who is...

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