Vegan Paleo Dishes you HAVE to Try!

Vegan Paleo Dishes you HAVE to Try!

5 Vegan Paleo Dishes you HAVE to try!

vegan paleoThese 5 vegan paleo dishes are great combinations for the vegan and carnivore living under the same roof! Its like a combination of vegan and paleo, lets call it Pegan! These are dairy free, gluten free and filled with fresh veggies to help you feel satisfied!

Vegan Caesar Salad: Yes, its true, there is an option for Caesar Salad when you live in a vegan world. This recipe comes to you from Oh She Glows and is sure to please every Caesar Salad eater in the house! Its creamy and the recipe can easily be doubled if you are hosting a party. Using the crouton chick peas gives a great crunch to that creamy texture.

Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles: I’m the vegan in the house so the shrimp is not appetizing to me what so ever. Its an easy addition though, so make the noodles, scoop some out for myself then add the shrimp and carry on with the cookies. You could even grill the shrimp and place them on the noodles as an “after thought”. I also like to add cherry tomatoes as my “shrimp”. Thanks for the inspiration Just a Taste.

Spiced Lentil Soup: Whether traveling or not, I love a curry, coconut milk soup any day, any time, of year. Sprouted Kitchen offer this recipe as a great combination of comfort food meets guilt free eating! This soup is also a great way to get turmeric into your diet. Turmeric is great to reduce inflammation and help alkaline the body for an ultimate cancer preventative!

Sweet Potato Enchilada: This one comes at you from The Thin Kitchen and is a great way, again, to add chicken or turkey for the Paleo or meat eater in the vegan house! I love this because it is so easy and filling and taste great!

Carrot Cake: Yes! This one is vegan and gluten free. Dessert is my favorite, I have such a sweet tooth and being vegan is tough some times when you just want a piece of cake! I’m sitting at the coffee shop now while a delicious looking cake stares me down! This recipe from Gimme Some Oven is moist, flavor filled and tastes like the real deal!

See, its not too hard to satisfy the vegan and the paleo under the same roof. Just takes a little creativity and some help from fellow bloggers. We can do it! Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Soy Free… whatever your body says it functions best with, we can make it work! Let me know your thoughts on each of these, I can’t wait to get into that Carrot Cake!


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