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K10Yoga created the Winston Salem Yoga Community CoOp to offer affordable yoga to everyone in Winston Salem and create a community based on healing and growth. This plan has come to fruition thanks to Jasper & Fern in Winston Salem, NC. This space offers community yoga classes that give graduates of K10Yoga School an opportunity to teach, and open the door to affordable and accessible yoga to anyone in the Winston Salem Community. Yoga gets expensive and we have worked out a system that is a win-win for everyone! Additionally, yoga is much more than just stretching and bending, it is a place to grow as a human, to become more mindful and to walk this earth with purpose, passion, and authenticity. Yoga can offer us a place to explore our deeper selves, to cry if we need it, to laugh and scream and cleanse!


Jasper & Fern is a photography studio, “Each woman has a unique value they offer to the world; It’s just a matter of allowing yourself that vulnerability to dig out and refine that unexplored beauty. It’s there in everyone. We just have to care about ourselves enough to see it or have someone in our lives who can instigate that care with us. Revealing your inner and outer beauty is at the very heart of Jasper & Fern.”

So dive in, join us as we embark on a yoga journey that transforms us all from the inside out. Feel your worth, your inner beauty, your strength and your voice, and let it blossom. Know that you are welcome and we look forward to meeting you and sharing a sacred space with you.


All of our yoga classes are appropriate for all levels, in fact we try not to even talk about ‘levels’, lets move away from that kind of talk! Instead, classes are themed around concepts for discovery, self love and growth. We offer classes for adults and kids, during lunch time and morning classes, even a class for the Veteran and First Responder Community.


K10Yoga CoOp is excited to be the host for 2018 K10Yoga Teacher Training!

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Meet the Instructors

kristen k10yogaKristen Williams, ERYT500, YACEP, Embody Love Movement Facilitator Trainer

Kristen began practicing yoga in 2007 and quickly fell in love. By 2011 she had completed 500 hours of study and began traveling the world to share her love of yoga. She is a Continuing Ed Provider for Yoga Alliance, an Ambassador for Off the Mat, Into the World, a Facilitator Trainer for The Embody Love Movement and certified to teach Yoga for the 12 Step Recovery. Kristen is the heart behind K10Yoga and has both a 200 and 300hr Yoga School in Winston Salem. Her approach to life and to teaching is that one must do the work and step into their purpose and passion. When we accept what is in life, we stop fighting and just respond with honour and grace then the universe opens to us. Kristen started K10Yoga CoOp in June of 2017 as a place for new and experienced teachers to teach, and a place for everyone to have access to affordable yoga with all classes being just $10.




Ryan k10yogaRyan Price, RYT200 

Ryan began practicing yoga in 2013. After his first class, he was hooked. The feeling of relaxation, physical and mental, that he felt after practicing yoga was life-changing. After a few years of practicing, Ryan’s yoga teacher encouraged him to pursue teacher training. He was hesitant at first. As a shy, quiet person, getting up in front of a crowd of people and telling them what to do seemed daunting. Teacher training gave Ryan the confidence to start teaching others. Soon after earning his RYT-200, many opportunities to teach presented themselves. Since then, he has taught over 500 hours of yoga. Ryan enjoys sharing the gifts that yoga practice has brought to his life with others.





April Greenwood, RYT200

April’s true love for yoga began while on bedrest with her first child, more than 10 years ago. She has enjoyed a regular exercise routine for many years and realized that yoga is the one place where she must pause her busy life and focus on herself (she explains that as a must so that she doesn’t fall off her mat!) She shares this sentiment with her classes often. April has been an exercise instructor for her local YMCA for 5 years. Her love for yoga finally led her to earn her YTT-200 in April 2015. She teaches weekly classes at the Y and in a few other spaces in Winston-Salem, as she is able. April loves encouraging participants to move toward a more mindful, forgiving, peaceful place within their own practice.








Stacie Gifford, RYT200

Stacie walked into her first yoga class in 2009, she was training for a marathon and needed to stretch. She tells the story like this, “I had no idea what I was doing but knew I had found something that had to be a part of my life. At that time, I was a young mom with four young daughters and to say life was chaotic would be an understatement. Yoga quickly became my calm in the middle of the storm. I began practicing regularly and after a year and a half, my instructor was leaving to have a baby and asked if I would be interested in taking over the class. I didn’t feel very qualified but thought, “sure, why not”. I took an 8 hour course and boom I started to teach. Six years and two more kids later I decided it was finally time to take a 200 hour yoga teacher training. My training helped me grow and find a new connection to myself that I had not discovered yet. Being a mother of six is a tough job and I constantly get asked how I do it. My answer every time is simple “yoga”! Yoga has given me the quiet strength that I need as a mom and I love being able to create that for my students. To see faces soften and bodies let go is such a rewarding experience.”  You can find Stacie teaching twice a week at the Robinhood YMCA, Yoga in the Park in Lewsiville on select Saturday mornings and at the K10Yoga CoOp once or twice a month.



Elisabeth Parker

Elisabeth Parker began practicing yoga as a mother-to-be in 1994 with Louisa Klein. Early on, Louisa taught Elisabeth the importance of adapting yoga postures and mindfulness to the state of being of each individual student. In 2001, Elisabeth began teacher training with Shakta Kaur Khalsa in Radiant Child Yoga, and since that time has worked with toddlers, adolescents, Amputees and Veterans. Elisabeth believes in developing her classes as a community-based resource for accessible, adaptive movement, resilience and recovery.