Embody Love Week: Yin Yoga for the Heart

Embody Love Week: Yin Yoga for the Heart

Yin Yoga for the Heart

yin yogaTime for Yin Yoga! Yes!!! Over the last few days you have set intentions of positive thinking, you have opened your heart through yoga and cross training, you have nourished your body and now its time to settle in to a yin practice! Yin yoga, unlike restorative yoga, is done without props, so no excuses you only need yourself, the floor and this video to follow along! Yin Yoga is geared towards release of energy blocks, instead of zipping right into a shape, we use slow mindful breaths to take us into a desired shape.

What to do?
As you move into a shape, make note of the moment you feel the first bit of resistance from your muscles.
Stop there.
Take a breath and let the breath gently release that resistance.
Once it has let go, continue moving deeper into the shape.
Work from one edge to the next.
Let the breath be your guide, listen in, enjoy the journey!


In this practice, the shapes I have chosen are geared towards the heart/small intestine meridian. This is a place to receive and to transform. When this meridian is imbalanced it can show up somatically in our body, additionally we could feel deficient in our mind. When in balance we can express love and clear thoughts! Here are some more examples of what you may experience and how this practice could be beneficial!

Physical Imbalances:
Signs include bluish lips with white border, emaciation, profuse sweating, swellings of nodules, hemicrania, tinnitus, pain around the ear, and pain depressing the abdomen.

Emotional Imbalances:
A feeling of mental deficiency due to inability to assimilate ideas, and insecurity. Forgetfulness, indecision, unclear thought process. Restlessness and difficulty in expressing emotions.

When Balanced:
Healthy expressions are love, joy, warmth, vitality, excitement, memory, ability in making decisions, clarity of thought.

As you move through your Yin Yoga practice today, let any emotions or thoughts come to the surface, pay attention to where your thoughts go. It can be very telling. I hope you enjoy the class, look for more coming up in the K10Yoga Stream!

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