Yoga Co-Op

Welcome to Yoga Co-Op: A Community Yoga Studio

Winston Salem, NC


K10Yoga created this Yoga Co-Op is an idea that has come to fruition thanks to Jasper & Fern in Winston Salem, NC. I was looking for a space to offer community yoga classes that would not only give graduates of K10Yoga School an opportunity to teach, but open the door to affordable and accessible yoga to anyone in the Winston Salem Community. Yoga gets expensive and we have worked out a system that is a win-win for everyone! Jasper & Fern is a photography studio, “Each woman has a unique value they offer to the world; It’s just a matter of allowing yourself that vulnerability to dig out and refine that unexplored beauty. It’s there in everyone. We just have to care about ourselves enough to see it or have someone in our lives who can instigate that care with us. Revealing your inner and outer beauty is at the very heart of Jasper & Fern.” So dive in, join us as we embark on a yoga journey that transforms us all from the inside out. Feel your worth, your inner beauty, your strength and your voice, and let it blossom.

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