Yoga & Cross Training

Yoga & Cross Training

Yoga Meets Cross Training: Just do it. End of Story!

yoga cross trainI admittedly have never been the biggest fan of “exercise”, so yoga and cross training only sounded okay. When told to pick a sport when I was younger, it was swimming I chose because it was the least sweaty! That sounds incredibly prissy, but I was never fussed about a sport that would bulk up my body or require lots of sweating. It’s no wonder I chose yoga. Over the last decade I would toy around with running and would ebb and flow in my participation. It wasn’t until I started cross training that things really started to feel right and I didn’t mind the sweat so much!

Benefits of Cross Training your Yoga Practice

  1. Strength and Flexibility: Of course yoga gives my body the flexibility I’ve looked for plus strength mentally, emotionally and physically but adding some variety felt great. By adding kettlebells or weights to my regimen I was able to tone my muscles and improve my yoga poses. With my muscles supporting my structure, I was able to more safely move into deeper poses with a minimal risk of extending ligaments away from bones.
  2. Endurance: Working with weights and adding explosive activities I was able to tap into my fast twitch muscle fibers increasing my strength, my speed and my power. When activating through fast twitch and using heavier weights I’m able to control the aggressive movements of the muscles. This can be greatly beneficial on a physical level, but also a mental and emotional level!
  3. Mental Health: I always used yoga as a place to get into my head and remove any distractions. Adding weight training or cross training, even running to the mix was a total game changer. I thought I had control of my thoughts! What a mental game to feel exhausted on a run or on the last set of kettlebell squats and dip into a deeper mental strength to knock out the last mile, or the last set. What is more interesting is whether you cheat or not! Do you finish the final weight set or do you dissimulate between “honoring my body” and “quitting”.
  4. Social Circle: If you find a group to cross train with, run with,yoga with… They will help keep you accountable. It is part of why I created the K10Yoga Stream group on facebook. Having a place to keep accountable is vital. To share your favorite days and your crummy days. We all go through it, but getting involved in a community that will share in the goal of living an all around healthy life, will keep us coming back and enjoying each moment!

Now, get out there! Join the conversation in the K10Yoga Stream facebook group. Join us for classes you can take anywhere on the K10Yoga Stream.

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