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Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship



K10Yoga offers a Yoga Mentorship, 200 Hour and 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programs both of which are approved by Yoga Alliance. These are offered in Winston Salem, NC and Gilbert, AZ.



K10Yoga Mentorship

“A brain to pick, an ear to listen, a guide to fulfilling your dreams”

Whether you are simply curious about yoga, a first time teacher, or have been practicing or teaching yoga for years, we are always lifelong learner.

K10Yoga 6 week Mentorship program allows you to have in action training and apprenticeship geared towards your goals with an experienced teacher. The program includes practice, observation, assisting, teaching and personal study always supported by one-on-one conversation with your mentor teacher.



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Explore. Dream. Discover.

The 200 hour program takes place over 4-5 months, depending on the season, and focuses on the essential techniques found in hatha yoga which includes asana, pranayama, and relaxation. The course explores the history and philosophy behind yoga, basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga, energetics and yoga teaching methods. Students are required to participate in Core Weekends, take a number of yoga classes and workshops outside of the Core Weekends, some of which are included in your tuition.

This training is designed for students who sincerely desire to heed the call of their heart and develop a lifelong, in-depth yoga practice they can share with the world. Purify your mind, body, and spirit – accessing the profound heart healing that awaits you, receive a comprehensive knowledge base for a successful future in yoga teaching. This training filled with both grace and compassion will empower you with the freedom to explore, dream, and discover YOU as we heal past wounds and traumas. You will become a part of a conscious tribe, all looking to cultivate and grow their knowledge of self and of yoga.

Upon completion of this program, graduates can register with Yoga Alliance as a certified 200 hour yoga instructor. Whether you are looking to deepen your yoga practice or to share your love of yoga with the world, either way, this program is for you!
K10Yoga: Explore. Dream. Discover.



300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Root. Rise. Reach.

After completing a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training students are eligible to deepen their studies with a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

The 300 hour advanced program takes place over 4-6 months and focuses on deepening students understanding of the body, mind and spirit. Participants will be guided to an authentic and sustainable practice added to an advanced tool box of knowledge to share with their students. Subjects covered will include alignment to the heart of yoga, advanced studies of ancient philosophical texts, meditation, business, and yoga in action.

This program is designed for anyone looking to not only deepen their practice, their teaching methods, build a brand for themselves as yoga teachers but to also serve and give back. As students realign themselves with their roots, they beg


in to rise to the calling authentic to themselves and from there reach out to serve one another! Upon completion students will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Instructor, and recognized as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level (RYT500). Join us for this amazing transformational experience!

Students must have logged 100 teaching hours with Yoga Alliance since graduating their 200hr program in order to be accepted in the 300 hour advanced program.
K10Yoga: Root. Rise. Reach.


Seva, or service, is an important part of both the 200 and 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to give back to the community whether it be teaching karma classes, assisting other teachers, or simply coming to a deeper understanding of what it is like to be of service. There will also be an opportunity to explore yogas ethical practices as they relate to your everyday life.


At the conclusion of each of these trainings, students will have an understanding of the numerous components that make up hatha yoga and an open gate to teaching the style of yoga that speaks to them the loudest. Students will find a deeper connection to themselves, the community and to the world. Om Shanti!




yoga teacher training

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Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

yoga teacher trainingExplore. Dream. Discover.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Winston Salem, NC
Spring 2018 Semester

January 10, 12-14
February 7, 9-11
March 7, 9-11
April 11, 13-15
May 9-12*
Wednesday/Friday nights 6-9pm, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 1-5



We will be based in the heart of Winston Salem at K10Yoga CoOp: A Community Yoga Studio that is a part of the Jasper & Fern Community. You can find us at 469 W End Blvd in Winston Salem, NC

Tuition $150 Non-Refundable Application Fee
$1,850 Program Fee.

A discount is applied if paid in full.
Payment plans are available.




yoga teacher training

Root. Rise. Reach.
300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Winston Salem, NC

Fall 2017 Semester
August 18-20: Yoga in Action*
September 1-3
October 6-8
November 3-5
December 1-3

*Everyone enrolled in AYTT is required to take OTM Yoga in Action program either in August or prior to the start of the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program.

Graduates of the 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training will have any service based classes posted on K10Yoga Outreach website!

$300 deposit secures your space in this Advanced Training and in the Yoga in Action Weekend Intensive.

$2500 tuition due upon completion of the program

Total program cost: $3000 and includes Yoga in Action, Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training and David Keil Yoga Anatomy. Other weekend workshops will be required and are at your discretion, students have 3 years to complete them.


Yoga Mentorship Program

“A brain to pick, an ear to listen, a guide to fulfilling your dreams”

mentorship-picThis experience ultimately will enable you to be a “reflective practitioner” as a result of evaluative conversation and shadowed experience with your mentor. There’s a time to go it alone and there’s a time to be nurtured and nourished with technique, compassion and experience. Our certified experienced mentor program will assist in your personal and professional growth. This program offers 30 hours of CEU for RYTs. Apply today to set up a personalized mentorship that is just right for you.

-Private Mentorship Sessions: Two, one hour sessions at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks
-Asana Practice: Take a minimum of 2 yoga classes each week
-Observation/Assist: 1-2 classes with your mentor
-Service: Teach one of two full length karma classes. Your mentor will observe and offer feedback. These classes can be free or donation based, giving to an organization of our calling. (Optional for non RYTs)
-Personal Study: Goal setting projects that may include but are not limited to sequencing, adjustments, communication, community, service, special populations, yoga sutras, developing a home practice, anatomy and more


This program is open to those who:
-Are interested in deepening their practice and possibly sharing it but are not ready to commit to a full Yoga Teacher Training program OR
-Have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training (or equivalent) and want more
-Have completed the mentorship application form
-Currently practice yoga

This unique program can start at any time to coordinate with the availability of a mentor. (30+ hours)

$250 K10Yoga Alum, $350


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