Yoga and Addiction Recovery

In 2015 I completed my yoga for addiction recovery certification through Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery). It very quickly became clear the connection between yoga and the recovery process. Neuroscience, traditional trauma healing, yoga and meditation are now being recognized as important adjunct practices for addiction recovery. Y12SR is where I started, a process recognized as a form of intervention for relapse prevention. Beyond Y12SR I have studied Refuge Recovery, a model based on meditation and recovery. Since 2015 I have become certified in Cognitive Brain Therapy, studied basic neuroscience and the trauma connection to addiction.

Because of my studies and invitation for those in recovery to come to my classes, you will not see K10Yoga teaching classes associated with alcohol or drugs. As our society shows us the trendy fun in beer yoga or winery yoga classes, the reality is that there are people dying from this dis-ease. For this reason, I choose to not participate in what feels hypocritical. That does not mean that I do not support beer yoga as an entry point for some people to receive the benefits of yoga, it is simply not a path that I choose to teach. Instead, K10Yoga and K10Yoga CoOp support yoga as a path of recovery and a welcome space to anyone and everyone who is in recovery of effected by someone who is working with addiction. It is our hope that together we can use the yoga sutras, 12 step programming and meditation as a form to liberate ourselves from dis-ease.

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