In 2017 I enrolled in an at home retreat with founder of CTZNWELL, Kerri Kelly. Everything shifted. I began to realize the places in which I was holding my community back and myself. By leaning in, letting things be messy and uncomfortable I began to emerge in a new way. The way I taught yoga changed as I came to understand that oneness and namaste doesn’t mean anything if we are not creating conditions for everyone, everyone, to be well. This means reaching out and creatively creating spaces where all parts of our community are met with opportunity to receive the benefits of yoga. I knew this work existed and had dabbled at arms reach but in 2018 I really dove in and began pushing the boundaries of traditional western yoga. I began to peel away layers of my life that were bound by ancestral trauma and start to see the ways I have been complicit in all the ism’s that, as a yoga teacher, I like to think I do not participate in. But what I learned is that by ‘not participating’ I am still participating. My voice matters, this works matters and our liberation is bound to one another. I am committed to continuing to lean in and do the work to create conditions for everyone to have access to yoga, to be a yoga teacher, to grow and heal, not because I am some saint, but because I can leverage my white privilege and do so, therefore I am working to redistribute the energy, create solid relationships and collectively move towards healing, for all.

K10Yoga is inspired by CTZNWELL and is continually working to create conditions that “change the world from the inside out.” CTZNWELL believes, and K10Yoga subscribes to the idea that ‘change begins with people. Through personal practice, community building, and collective action we transform ourselves and restructure our world to support the conditions of well being for all.’ K10Yoga is doing its part by offering space for Courageous Conversations. A book club of sorts that includes a shared yoga practice followed by collective action to become aware of, and respond to, the critical issues of our time. We believe in sanctuary for our times, a sanctuary rooted in love, justice, and the understanding that our liberation is bound.

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