Kerri Kelly

Kristen Williams is redefining the Yoga Teacher Training course from the cookie cutter, pose-focused individual program to a radical experience that transforms community from the inside out. Her unique approach centers radical self-awareness and critical thinking that prepares the teacher not just for the mat, but for their life. It is a pathway to personal transformation that can lead to real social change.

Susan Turnage RN, RYT500
Certified Yoga Nurse

Kristen is an energetic and compassionate force in the yoga community. Her lively and engaging style welcomes those of any age or ability to feel and experience yoga in the mind and body. From a foundation grounded in wisdom and knowledge, Kristen draws out the very best in each student- allowing them to safely discover the benefits of yoga. Without reservation, I recommend participation in her classes and training. It will be life changing and fun!

Melody Moore, Ph.D.
Founder, Embody Love Movement

Kristen Williams is not only a passionate teacher, she embodies the practice of yoga off the mat in a way that leads her students to new understandings, growth, and transformation. Kristen is as wise as she is kind, and facilitates with expertise not only in her content, but in her way of being.

Katie Kiresich RYT500, IAYT800
Yoga Instructor

Kristen is one of those people who you just see with a lightness around her. She is the kindest, least judgmental soul. She's the kind of person who's always there for help, to listen, always sees the positives, and lets you be you. Oh and she's a miracle-worker...her longtime dream of teaching yoga and traveling the world has clearly come true. I'm so happy for her, it makes me happy just to think about it. No wonder people are drawn to her! She's doing what she loves. We can all learn from that.