Trauma Informed Yoga Training Winston Salem

Trauma Informed Yoga in Winston Salem, NC

kristen of k10yoga at old salem bridge giving an offering in king dancer yoga pose with black pants, blue tank and flowers on a cover up.We are going into our sixth year providing trauma informed yoga teacher training programs in Winston Salem, NC and beyond. Our programs are trauma-informed meaning that we teach soon-to-be teachers to understand that this is a people-focused practice. We don’t subscribe to a certain methodology, but instead, one that recognizes actual humans in the room who have likely experienced some type of trauma in their lives. Our lineage is that of Krishnamacharya who encourages us to shift, change, evolve and notice that as we do old behaviors seem to shift to new more appropriate ones.

We believe in training yoga teachers in scope of practice, reminding them that they are not therapists (unless they are) and that verbal cues can be just as, if not more, effective than hands-on assists. We believe in teaching soon to be yoga teachers that everyone is bringing something into the yoga space and that our job is not to know every facet of students lives, but instead to teach a class that invites students to be courageous, to reclaim their power by offering agency through the whole experience, and to practice harm reduction.

We believe in creating conditions for people to feel welcome in yoga spaces, to create a pricing structure that gives agency to the students based on their individual financial situation so when we say “yoga for all” that actually means, “all” are welcome.

Of course, there is A LOT more to yoga teacher training but those are some of my biggest hopes. The amount of trauma that can get stirred up through a yoga class is intense. Instead of bragging that we ‘taught a juicy hip opening class that cost me $25 and left me more traumatized’ maybe, as teachers, we recognize what may live within the body from ACE and invite inquiry in a courageous space for people to begin releasing years of tension that their bodies have carried. One breath at a time. One day at a time. Creating spaces of support, love, and collective care.

If you feel like you have been looking for what I call, “yoga for the rest of us” consider a class or even training to become a teacher with us. We are here to support you in this practice and in sharing the amazing benefits of this practice with the world.

I’m proud of the work that we do and it’s been profoundly impactful within our community. More details can be found at