Want to be a Traveling Yoga Teacher?!

If you have dreamed of being a traveling yoga teacher, you can do it! Make a positive impact on communities across the world, we have the resources to get you there and it’s all becoming an adjunct to K10Yoga School!

I’ve traveled, I’ve taught abroad, I’ve done retreats, and I’ve learned that what sets my heart on fire the most is sharing with others how to do the same! Today, travel and yoga are my muse and I no longer mix the two with teaching and traveling. However, I have all the tools and resources to help you be the traveling yoga teacher you aspire to be!

I met Brytta, founder of Xanadu Yoga while in Cambodia. She was teaching, we met up and hit it off! I am so excited to have her programs as a part of K10Yoga School! Not only can you now become a certified yoga teacher through K10Yoga but you can also feel prepared and supported to take those skills around the world!

K10Yoga School students, you’ll get first hand information and resource on how to make those dreams of travel and yoga come true. More than making your dream come true, but to thrive as you do it and give back in communities across the globe!

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